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Repairs                                  These are some of the repairs that can be done by Taylor Made Valeting

Bumper repairs...

  Unfortunately bumper repairs can no longer be carried out.

              Before                                         After

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Mirror repairs...

  If your mirror shell is damaged we can repair

and repaint it, most of the time. **a perfect colour match is not guaranteed, and some finishes cannot be replicated.

 This is far cheaper than replacing the complete mirror.

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Headlamp restoration...

  Plastic headlamps can become scratched and hazy over the years.    Don't buy new headlamps, we can restore your headlamps by reducing / removing the scratches and hazing.

  This improves the appearence of your vehicle, and lights up the road ahead better, improving safety. 

                       Before      -        After

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Machine polishing...

   Machine polishing restores clarity and gloss to the paint finish ( see the reflection picture on the left ).  This is done by using different pad and compound / polish combinations.

This can remove swirls and light scratches by removing a very fine layer of laquer or paint.   On a deep scratch you can

smooth the edges by polishing, this makes it appear less harsh but it is much better to use paint to fill in the scratch.

 Another method is to fill in the defects with a polish,  but this can wash out over time.    Finally finish off with a wax or sealant to protect your paintwork.

   ***  This process can take more than a day to complete  ***

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     ^ Before                 v  After

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Paint restoration...

  Single stage paint does not have lacquer on it, so it can fade and the oils dry out if it is not looked after. This makes the paint dull and flat, to cure this you have to remove the oxidisation and put the oils back into the paint.   We can restore your paint to near its original condition given enough time, old paint can be very thin and fragile so care is needed not to take too much off.

 After cleaning the paint of dirt you must put the oils back before using any type of abrasive or compound on the paint.

 One of the methods is to use Meguiars Mirror Glaze #7 Show Car Glaze.

This first came out in the 1920s and the formula has remained unchanged since then. ( If it aint broke don't fix it ).

 We can restore badly oxidised paint using Meguiars #7. After rubbing it in, it's best to leave Meguiars #7 to soak in overnight or as long as possible.  Then continue to rub more in, this will restore the gloss before using an appropriate compound or polish to remove any light scratches and get a great finish before applying a wax or sealant.  

  Most of this process is labour intensive and is done by hand, so it can take more than a day to complete.